Change happens from inside out

Mental stress in the workplace has been called the killer of employee health and productivity. We all feel the toll it has taken on us.

Work stress doesn’t just affect us as individuals

It impacts negatively on the company’s bottom-line. Higher burnout, more absenteeism, greater turnover all affect revenue.

What we do

We help your organisation feel more engaged, empowered and resilient.

What we Offer

Bespoke programmes to help empower yourself, your teams and raise wellbeing levels, for optimal engagement at work.

Our programmes are designed to :

  • Teach strategies to reduce stress, increase wellbeing and enhance resilience
  • Increase engagement through skills
  • Develop awareness and curiosity
  • Understand how to change the culture of teams and organisations

The Conscious Zone offers customised programmes for workplaces that are practical, actionable and involve making small, workable changes to enhance well-being.

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Mallika was the keynote speaker at Anglo American’s Global Safety Day 2019. She provided an engaging and practical session on mindfulness in the workplace to 200+ staff, with plenty of practical application tips, laughs and audience interaction. Feedback from attendees was highly positive. Her style is engaging and she has a deep knowledge of the subject matter.

BHP is increasingly focused on the mental wellness of our people. Mallika provided a fantastic introduction to mindfulness which left a lasting impact on many of the attendees. Since her sessions, conversation has flowed and a practical application of the techniques she taught is being encouraged and utilised by everyone – right through to Senior Management: A wonderful presenter with a great knowledge of the subject matter.

Mallika conducted a 2 hour workshop for my team and her ability to connect with the audience was amazing. She worked within all of our constraints happily and the session was interactive and customized. I look forward to liaising more with Mallika and appreciate her willingness to put herself out there for her clients!

Working with Mallika has been a great pleasure, both as a trainer and as a person. She is extremely prompt in responding to our queries and needs, and attentive right down to the last detail. She brings both her knowledge and passion to the training room. Her ability to allow participants the space to try out new techniques at their own pace and comfort level is very reassuring and much appreciated.

Some of our programmes are found below

WellBeing @ Work (Building Psychological Defence)

A practical, experiential programme to enhance workplace well-being. Ongoing sessions can also be provided for long term engagement for leaders and employees. Training includes strategies for self-regulation and managing others.

Resilience in Challenging Times

Enhance resilience and sustain wellbeing with a toolkit of strategies which can be incorporated easily.

Managing Stress to Optimise Success

We all handle multiple roles in life – from employee/leader to parent, child, caregiver and home creator. Juggling roles has an impact on physical, mental and emotional well-being. Learn skills to handle these more effectively.

Values Based Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are a part of our world, and they manifest in many areas of our lives. This practical session will help to uncover how best to handle difficult encounters that may arise.

Act With Mindfulness

Using a combination of formal and informal mindfulness practices, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) strategies, this 6-session training programme will help you align yourself with purpose and meaning at work and beyond. This course is also offered at Singapore Management University’s LKC School of Business.

Prosocial Matrix @ Work

The Prosocial Matrix is a tool based on Contextual Behavioural Science – how to accomplish positive behavioural change in individuals and groups using behavioural, cognitive, and mindfulness-based interventions.

Thriving through Strengths

Strengths Training and how to apply this in the workplace. Team Strengths Mapping which provides powerful insights about how to unleash higher performance and increase engagement.
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