Executive Coaching

Personal Coaching for Organisational Growth

The Conscious Zone partners with your business to inspire and support the development of your workforce – providing individualised executive coaching in full alignment with your commercial goals.

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What is executive coaching and how does it benefit your business?

Executive coaching provides your people with the tools they need to succeed in today’s business world, helping them to develop the resilience and mind-sets to reach their full potential.

The result for you?

An engaged, productive and confident workforce ready to take on whatever challenges the future may hold: A workplace that thrives.

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What we offer

  • One-to-one highly personalised coaching programmes tailored to identify and meet the needs of the executive – from junior team member to CEO.
  • Transition coaching to support executives returning to the workforce, moving roles or taking on new responsibilities.
  • On-demand crisis management coaching to provide guidance and space in which to think clearly and deal with stress in the moment it occurs.
  • Specialist-area coaching to help organisations target specific needs such as diversity and inclusion, parents in the workplace and emotional wellbeing at work.


Mallika has been a great coach on this learning journey with me. She is very professional and her personal warmth and sincerity make it easy for us to connect and establish trust very quickly. I enjoyed the coaching sessions with Mallika, her feedback and questions often guide me to discover new insights and different perspectives. I am most appreciative of her encouragement as she acknowledges and affirms my progress and achievements.

I commenced coaching with Mallika at the beginning of 2020. Very quickly our coaching conversations helped me to increase my resilience and taught me, in a professional context, how to step back and consider alternative perspectives. I now proceed with more compassion towards myself and others.

Mallika is a wonderful mentor. Across a number of sessions, she taught me practical techniques and exercises that I’ve been able to use long after our meetings: A highly recommended experience with an excellent guide.

I was honoured with the chance to work with Mallika on leadership coaching and mindfulness practices, as they related to my personal goals and forward planning. Mallika is professional and incredibly personable, and her depth of knowledge was evident from our very first session. She is skilled at sticking to the core of what you are seeking to explore and achieve. Our sessions were an excellent use of time – no waste, and all wisdom! No matter where you are in your business and personal goals, I highly recommend Mallika to anyone seeking to level up in their leadership skills, strategic planning, and mindfulness practice. You will be very glad you did!


Grow with Confidence

There are always opportunities to develop… but sometimes it’s tough going it alone.

Executive coaching with The Conscious Zone is a collaborative process based on trust and mutual respect. We know when to support and when to challenge – and we acknowledge that there is no right or wrong way to make the journey.

The Conscious Zone provides Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) coaching

A powerful approach that enhances performance in the workplace by supporting your people to:

  • Recognise and draw on their strengths, embracing their ambition.
  • Expand and strengthening their skill sets through increased confidence
  • Identify and work with their weaknesses, without fearing failure
  • Unlock emotional intelligence and respond more skilfully to internal thoughts and emotions
  • Heighten self-awareness in order to respond better to external situations and pressures
  • Develop resilient mind-sets
  • Break through self-perceived limits
  • Embrace new ways of working and rise to the challenge of change


Personal Coaching for Organisational Growth

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