Mental wellbeing at work needs to be prioritised

‘A recent WHO-led study estimates that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity….’

(Source: WHO Mental health in the workplace, September 2017)

Companies which promote mental health and have psychological safety programmes in the workplace, are likely to see a drop in absenteeism, an uptick in productivity and benefit financially from improved employee performance and outcomes.

Programmes could cover areas such as:



ProSocial Matrix training

Values based goal setting for individuals and teams

Acceptance and Commitment training for staff

to name a few.

Practical strategies to start with can include:

  • Listening with intent – really pay attention to what employees and co-workers are saying without thinking ahead to what you want to say
  • Appreciate your employees for their successes. Too often the focus is on what’s going wrong.
  • Develop a culture of care and trust by engaging in deeper conversations
  • Encourage ownership and partnership in the decision-making process

Poor wellbeing can account for employees losing up to a third of their potential productivity.* Companies like Unilever, American Express and Prudential have implemented mental health programmes and are seeing the benefits positively affecting their bottom line.

The list of programmes available is extensive, but even small incremental changes can make inroads into ensuring that employees feel valued and supported at work, which can only benefit the organization and lead to greater productivity. *(  

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