Intention and Reflection

As we look back on another year that appears to have whizzed by, it’s worth asking ourselves a few simple questions. Some of us feel that we don’t have the time to think about things like our emotional well-being. After all, that wasn’t on our KPIs for the year!

Yet making the time to reflect on and review how the year has gone is something we should all do – seeing how far you have come is an excellent place to plan for where you would like to go next.

To help with this process, here are some questions to consider when thinking about your own mental well-being:

  • Who or what makes you laugh?
  • How do you manage stress?
  • What are some of the successes you have enjoyed this year? How could you replicate them or use those skills in the future?
  • Name some things you are grateful for this year, both at work and at home.

But perhaps the most crucial question to ask is: Who or what is important to you?

Identifying these areas is the first step in understanding what brings purpose and meaning to your life. Writing them down could help you take your life in the direction you want it to go. Carve out a little time over the holidays to think about this, as you set out your intentions for the year ahead.

Start next year with a greater clarity of purpose and meaning by reflecting on what has been.


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